Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New from Minami Maki

Do you remember Special A by Minami Maki? The story about a talenting and incredible great group?
It sure leave you a very special memory.
Now, we got new story from Maki-chan.
It was Seiyuu Ka-!
I read it till chapter 6 and I found that it was awesome. Funny and full of drama like always.

Seiyuu Ka-! Tell us about a girl name Kino Hime, a girl who want to be a great seiyuu. But unfortunately, her voice was so terible and sounds like an old uncle till everybody called her Gori- Hime (a short form of Gorilla Princess)
But she never give up. and suddenly she can make a very tempting prince voice! Sometime...
And of course you want to hear more about the male character. Of course, Maki-chan give us a bunch of hottie inside this story.
The main male character Kudou Senri is a very mysterious and hot perfect guy. He sat beside Hime in the class and he never remember or bother about what Hime do. But something happened that make he will never forget Hime`s name.
You sure will like it. So what are you waiting for?
Go to mangafox.com and search for it!
You will satisfied!