Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New from Minami Maki

Do you remember Special A by Minami Maki? The story about a talenting and incredible great group?
It sure leave you a very special memory.
Now, we got new story from Maki-chan.
It was Seiyuu Ka-!
I read it till chapter 6 and I found that it was awesome. Funny and full of drama like always.

Seiyuu Ka-! Tell us about a girl name Kino Hime, a girl who want to be a great seiyuu. But unfortunately, her voice was so terible and sounds like an old uncle till everybody called her Gori- Hime (a short form of Gorilla Princess)
But she never give up. and suddenly she can make a very tempting prince voice! Sometime...
And of course you want to hear more about the male character. Of course, Maki-chan give us a bunch of hottie inside this story.
The main male character Kudou Senri is a very mysterious and hot perfect guy. He sat beside Hime in the class and he never remember or bother about what Hime do. But something happened that make he will never forget Hime`s name.
You sure will like it. So what are you waiting for?
Go to mangafox.com and search for it!
You will satisfied!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Rumors about J-Goong!

Yamapi - Lee Shin

Erika Sawajiri - Shin Chae Kyung

Oguri Shun - Lee Yul

There are the rumors about japanese princes hour. From the well information, Yamapi will be Prince.. And Erika sawajiri will be the Princess. Oguri shun will Be second prince... Great combination, right!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ok, im not going to talk about anime`s world today. But i want to start with the real hot and cute guy. Check out! Which one do you like!

Mike He. His drama always so awesome. The more i look at him the more i think he is hot and handsome. His figure, face and smile is all great.

Matsumoto Jun. He is.. i dont know how to explain bout this guy. He seems very attractive. His attitude is so sexy. I like him base from his attitude, not his face. Hahaha!

This is Yamapi or his full name Yamashita Tomohisa. I dont know why people call him Yamapi. He have a best body shape even he is not too tall. He look very hot in Kurosagi! Check it out. He is one of the News member.

Akanishi Jin. He is the member from Kat-Tun. So hot, right. Im totally like him. He`s funny too!

Miura Haruma.. The star of Koizora / Sky of love. He`s still young but now he was really popular. Also acted in Gokusen. I really love to watch him in Bloody Monday. He act as the genius computer hacker and his mission is to againts the dangerous virus call Bloody Monday. He is very hot and sweet guy.

This is my first love. Hahahah! He is very cute + hot + sexy + pretty. Really in love with him. As the mamber of TVXQ! he also have a beautiful voice. He really cant compare to anybody. For me he is the first place list of the hot guy! Go Kim Jae Joong!

Lee Jun Ki. He is well known over the world. People very love his pretty and funny attitude. I also love him. Watch him in Il Ji Mae really make me want him. And beware... you will get killed if you say he is not cute! But im not the murder.

Micky or Park Yoo Chun. He is also the member of TVXQ! Really naugthy guy. But can clasified as the hot guy too. But he is easily crying. That`s what so sweet bout him.

GACKT!!! Really mega hot! Love him! His beautiful eyes will make you feel cold. Auww! Dont know how to resist him. He is so beautiful. Great man! Also is very cool. I feel like want to scream everytime i see him. Fuh.. can`t breath!

Kyaaa!! Hiro-sama!
This guy is Mizushima Hiro. The guy that have a very great smile that I ever found. So dazzling. I love him. And his new drama is est. But, he`s going to married. Im so sad but happy for him. Why dont you wait for me Hiro-sama! T_T

Mokomichi Hayami! Fuh.. his name is hard to remember. But who`s care. He is HOT! Tall, have a great body shape, good looking and cool. Absolute Boyfriend!

Nishikido Ryo. So cute + hot! I first know him in the drama One litre of tears. That time he acted with Sawajiri Erika, the beautiful japanese actres and singar. What a beautiful couple. Really like him in movie or drama because most of his character in those movie or drama was ery cool. He is very cool guy.
This is my opinion. Add some other hot guy if you want. Hehe..

Ai wo utau yori ore ni obereru!

This is the very cute comic. The main character is very complicated to understand but it surely cute! The hero in this comic is very cute and the heroin in kinda beautiful + handsome. Hahaha.. I dont know how to explain it but try it!

Guess who the boy and who`s the girl. The girl is the taller one. Great!

This is one of the cover. The boy is very cute!

This is Shiraishi Akira, the main character in this comic. VERY CUTE!!!!!!

This is the first cover for this comic. Check it out!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Full Moon Joker

Im started again. Look like something that make me forget about my blogspot. Yeah, there are something that make me forgot, thats I busy reading Full Moon Joker till I forget anything around me. Its new comic that I read. So cute. I recomended to you to read it.

This is the comic that I talked about, Its cute, right. Try it, now it avialable at Mangafox.

The girl name is Mitsuki. She have a white wolf ears and her power is, she can heard a feeling from the people who was summoned by the Joker. And the boy is Sakae. He is coldhearted. But he is cute. He has a white wolf ears and he can grab the joker card from the person that was sommoned.

This is very interesthing story. Try it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My ideal comic..

Haha... what a jerk. Not an ideal, but i only read the comic that match my taste. (everbody just the same, actually) I like many type of comic, but firstly, i will look at the character first before I read it.

The most I like. lately, i very in love with Kawai Maria from 'The Devil and Her Love Song'

Its such a great story, I wonder if I will foung the character like Maria after this. She`s really amazing. Lets, check out!

This is Kawai Maria. She`s beautiful, right?? Hehehe.. somebody will not agreed with me, I know because my sister said Maria is not beautiful. Anyway, I still think she`s so gorgeous!

This is the cover of the book. Pretty nice, right.

This is the second cover. That guy names is Kanda Yuusuke. He is so cute. Love him!

This is the piece of this story. This story tell about, people only judge something base on what they saw. Its kinda pity for Maria that her was blaming for everything that she never dont. But, maria is simple and never take it serious. So, cool.. And there are some lovely cute friend that always help Maria.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Top 10 hottest anime guys character

Top 10 Hottest anime guy character


Sohma Kyo. He is the one of main character in Fruit Basket. His character known as warm and cold hearted. But, he is deep in love with Tohru. He is sometime look cute. He is protective also hot temper. He has a great spirit and never give up to change his destiny.

Uchiha Sasuke from naruto. He is the best friend of Uzumaki Naruto. His life full of revenge and he is so gloomy. But he has a great face and talent that make any girl will fall in love with him. But, Sakura finaly catch his attention but he never admit that sakura was always in his heart. He is so hot!


Kyoya Ohtori, he is the best friend of Tamaki Souh from Ouran Host Club. He is very cool, inteligent and talented. He`s quite tricky guy and will take advantage in any situation. He`s such a tricky hot guy!


Tamaki Souh, he is the president of Host club and he also the popular member among his friend. His handsome face, kindness, gentleman charmed all the girl. But his love is only toward Haruhi. He will protect haruhi no metter what. I like his character!


His name is Kurosaki Tasaku. He work as the school janitor in Teru`s school. But his true identity is 'Daisy', the mysterious man that always help Teru in any situation. He is funny, and very cruel man. But he is so hot!


He is Tenmo Kouro the head of S.M high school`s student union. He is so cool, handsome and pervert too! But he is so adorable. Will always protect Hiyo. He is very strong person. Because of his love toward Hiyo, he willing to kill anybody that want to saperate them include her family and friend. But, lastly Hiyo`s love save him from being the Demon King. And their love change the history. They well known as the Strongest love monster.


Lelouch Lamperouge is the Byronic protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Lamperouge is his assumed surname, while his real name is Lelouch vi Britannia. He is cool and popular among the student in his school. He is very cool and hot!


Kuran Kaname the PureBlood vampire in Vampire Knight. He is so powerful and charming. But, sometime he is little bit scary because he might do anything with his power. But actually, he is a good guy that always want to protect his beloved one. Very in love with Kaname!


Kiryuu Zero, he is damn hottest. He is very talented and cold hearted. He is very popular and the type that girl want. But he is very scary. He is the school guardian with Kuurosu Yuuki, the school president daughter. His true identity was a vampire. He`s very hate to became a vampire and he hate vampire so much. But, im sure.. he is very HOT!


Takumi Usui, he is perfect! Handsome, intelligent, all-around athlete, awesome chef, miraculously survived a jump from the school roof, someone with reallt good luck. What does he want? such a mysterious perfectionist. The only person he interested in is Ayuzawa misaki, the school president. Nothing in this world that he cant do. He is clever, strong and pervert too! He is kinda naughty. He will protect ayuzawa in any situation, in anyway. He is very very very hot. The hottest character that I ever found. Im sure, if you read Kaichou wa maid-sama, you will want Usui to become your boyfriend. He is damn hot! Love you Usui!!