Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ok, im not going to talk about anime`s world today. But i want to start with the real hot and cute guy. Check out! Which one do you like!

Mike He. His drama always so awesome. The more i look at him the more i think he is hot and handsome. His figure, face and smile is all great.

Matsumoto Jun. He is.. i dont know how to explain bout this guy. He seems very attractive. His attitude is so sexy. I like him base from his attitude, not his face. Hahaha!

This is Yamapi or his full name Yamashita Tomohisa. I dont know why people call him Yamapi. He have a best body shape even he is not too tall. He look very hot in Kurosagi! Check it out. He is one of the News member.

Akanishi Jin. He is the member from Kat-Tun. So hot, right. Im totally like him. He`s funny too!

Miura Haruma.. The star of Koizora / Sky of love. He`s still young but now he was really popular. Also acted in Gokusen. I really love to watch him in Bloody Monday. He act as the genius computer hacker and his mission is to againts the dangerous virus call Bloody Monday. He is very hot and sweet guy.

This is my first love. Hahahah! He is very cute + hot + sexy + pretty. Really in love with him. As the mamber of TVXQ! he also have a beautiful voice. He really cant compare to anybody. For me he is the first place list of the hot guy! Go Kim Jae Joong!

Lee Jun Ki. He is well known over the world. People very love his pretty and funny attitude. I also love him. Watch him in Il Ji Mae really make me want him. And beware... you will get killed if you say he is not cute! But im not the murder.

Micky or Park Yoo Chun. He is also the member of TVXQ! Really naugthy guy. But can clasified as the hot guy too. But he is easily crying. That`s what so sweet bout him.

GACKT!!! Really mega hot! Love him! His beautiful eyes will make you feel cold. Auww! Dont know how to resist him. He is so beautiful. Great man! Also is very cool. I feel like want to scream everytime i see him. Fuh.. can`t breath!

Kyaaa!! Hiro-sama!
This guy is Mizushima Hiro. The guy that have a very great smile that I ever found. So dazzling. I love him. And his new drama is est. But, he`s going to married. Im so sad but happy for him. Why dont you wait for me Hiro-sama! T_T

Mokomichi Hayami! Fuh.. his name is hard to remember. But who`s care. He is HOT! Tall, have a great body shape, good looking and cool. Absolute Boyfriend!

Nishikido Ryo. So cute + hot! I first know him in the drama One litre of tears. That time he acted with Sawajiri Erika, the beautiful japanese actres and singar. What a beautiful couple. Really like him in movie or drama because most of his character in those movie or drama was ery cool. He is very cool guy.
This is my opinion. Add some other hot guy if you want. Hehe..

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