Monday, April 13, 2009

Full Moon Joker

Im started again. Look like something that make me forget about my blogspot. Yeah, there are something that make me forgot, thats I busy reading Full Moon Joker till I forget anything around me. Its new comic that I read. So cute. I recomended to you to read it.

This is the comic that I talked about, Its cute, right. Try it, now it avialable at Mangafox.

The girl name is Mitsuki. She have a white wolf ears and her power is, she can heard a feeling from the people who was summoned by the Joker. And the boy is Sakae. He is coldhearted. But he is cute. He has a white wolf ears and he can grab the joker card from the person that was sommoned.

This is very interesthing story. Try it!

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