Monday, April 6, 2009

My ideal comic..

Haha... what a jerk. Not an ideal, but i only read the comic that match my taste. (everbody just the same, actually) I like many type of comic, but firstly, i will look at the character first before I read it.

The most I like. lately, i very in love with Kawai Maria from 'The Devil and Her Love Song'

Its such a great story, I wonder if I will foung the character like Maria after this. She`s really amazing. Lets, check out!

This is Kawai Maria. She`s beautiful, right?? Hehehe.. somebody will not agreed with me, I know because my sister said Maria is not beautiful. Anyway, I still think she`s so gorgeous!

This is the cover of the book. Pretty nice, right.

This is the second cover. That guy names is Kanda Yuusuke. He is so cute. Love him!

This is the piece of this story. This story tell about, people only judge something base on what they saw. Its kinda pity for Maria that her was blaming for everything that she never dont. But, maria is simple and never take it serious. So, cool.. And there are some lovely cute friend that always help Maria.

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